Reseasons to get a Duorest #1

Why Dual-Backrests?

Single backrests put harmful pressure directly onto your spine. Dual backrests hug your outer back while positioning your spine freely between the gap. The backrests also move independently for extra support while moving in your chair creating a unique dynamic support. The ErgoSpace-Duo5 displays the innovative DUOREST technology providing the comfort that your back deserves.

Reseasons to get a Duorest #2

Better Focus

The wrong chair can cause numbness, pain, and discomfort. All scientifically proven to ruin your workday. The right chair like our ErgoSpace-Duo5 by DUOREST provides all-day 8-12 hour comfort and productivity.

Reseasons to get a Duorest #3

Perfect for Home or Office

Replace any chair giving you back pain with a DUOREST made chair and watch the pain melt away. Keep one in your home office or work office(or both!) and be comfortable anywhere you work. Try before you buy at any of our participating medical offices where you can try the unique ErgoSpace-Duo5 chair before your buy. Check out our affiliate locations by clicking the affiliate PARTNERS tab.

Reseasons to get a Duorest #4

Adjusts to your Body

Nothing feels better than custom-made comfort. Duorest gives you a fully customized feel for your body without having to actually order a custom chair. Try the ErgoSpace-Duo5 by DUOREST today! Free shipping!

Free download

Unlock peak productivity in your home office! Wondering about the best ergonomic setup? Grab our free guide now for a workspace that works for you!

Do more, Duorest

More than comfort,
More than a chair.


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